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Plants hold a profound significance in our lives, not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their remarkable ability to enhance our well-being. So, discover the wonders of nature and choose FNP plants shop for all your botanical desires. At FNP, we celebrate the magic of plants and offer a diverse range to cater to your needs in Riyadh including an exquisite assortment of indoor and outdoor plants. From sansevieria, money plant, jade plant and spider plant to arica plant, we have something to suit every taste and style. Also, planted in attractive planters, our exclusive plants in store will add extra grace to any place. Moreover, we ensure the highest quality, handpicking each plant with care and expertise. So, transform your home, office, or any space into a captivating oasis by choosing FNP plants in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Place your order right now!

Buy Plants Online in Saudi Arabia from FNP

Plants are the beautiful creations of nature that add greenery to homes and gardens. They add instant beauty to any space & bring in joy, calmness and positivity. Growing plants at home reduce the effects of pollution by purifying the air and offering fresh oxygen to breathe. Some plants also improve sleeping disorder and promote good night sleep. Keeping plants at the work desk or study room creates a healthy environment and enhances creativity & productivity. Due to several benefits, plants are also considered great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Diwali, Eid, and housewarming occasions. Sending plants online along with cakes, chocolates, and hampers is a popular trend in Saudi Arabia & other countries. So, don’t wait and send the best plants with FNP’s plants shop to make your loved ones feel special.

  • Indoor Plants
  • Plants are mainly kept indoors to bring nature home. They beautify interiors and offer fresh air to breathe. The indoor plants require indirect sunlight and a moderate amount of water. So, if you are searching to buy plants online- FNP is the right choice. Ranging from Lucky bamboo to jade plant, spider plant to snake plant, you can find some of the best indoor plants on our website.

  • Outdoor Plants
  • Outdoor plants can be grown in the garden or lawn, which require a high intensity of sunlight. Chrysanthemums, anthuriums, orchids, spathiphyllum, Zamia plant, and bonsai are some of the best outdoor plants that you can order online for plant delivery in Saudi Arabia.

  • Air-Purifying Plants
  • The air-purifying plants remove harmful volatile organic compounds coming out of paint, furniture, cleaning solutions and refrigerator. Areca palm, peace lily, sensevieria, zamia plant, guzmania plant, and money plants are some of the best air purifying plants that you can buy online from FNP.

  • Succulents
  • Succulents are plants with parts that are thick and fleshy. They can retain moisture, and that’s why you don’t need to water them every day. Browse our selection of moon cactus, jade plant, howarthia plant and the echeveria succulent cactus and place an order today. The cactus or succulents also make perfect plant gifts to jazz up the study table or a coffee table in the living room.

  • Medicinal Plants
  • The category of medicinal plants includes various types of plants used in herbalism, such as tulsi, neem, giloy, aloe vera, ginger, etc. They are known to possess therapeutic properties, hence used in traditional medicine practice and in the making of perfumes and food supplements.

  • Bonsai Plants
  • Bonsai Plants have gained great popularity over the years. The plant that gives an impression of a full-sized, mature tree is an ideal indoor plant for homes as well as offices. It is not only a great stress reliever or helps in maintaining good health but also amps up the aesthetic appeal of the interiors. We have a wonderful selection of healthy and real Bonsai plants that you can send or order from anywhere across Saudi Arabia.

  • Flowering Plants
  • Be it a rose that is a symbol of love and affection or sunflowers that represent happiness and spark joy - flowering plants beautify your home and garden like no other. Adenium plant, Hibiscus, Red Anthurium, Rose, Peace Lily and White Orchid are some of the vibrant flowering plants you can buy online from us. Order right away! Our flowering plant gifts are one of the best options for happy occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

  • Office Desk Plants
  • Your office desk is the space/place where you spend most of your time of the day at. Apart from your regular office supplies, office desk plants could be a healthy addition to your professional workspace. Mini succulent, Bamboo, Orchids and Bonsai plants are some common office desk plants that not only will work as a stress buster but will also beautify the area. With FNP, you can buy plants online that are of premium quality and would give a forever green company. Moreover, the process of buying plants in Riyadh, Mecca and all over Saudi Arabia is easier with us owing to our seamless delivery service. So, don’t wait and place your order right away.

  • Hanging Plants
  • For those looking for unique plant gifts, you can always send hanging plants from our website. Some houseplants in our collection can be hung from ceilings and walls. The dangling leaves and trailing stems of these beautiful plants are the best way to beautify vertical spaces. When it comes to buying hanging indoor plants, you can order Epipremnum Aureum or Spider plant.

  • Plants in Mugs
  • Another great gifting option from our online plants shop is the plant in mugs. For instance, you can order a money plant in our Happy Birthday mug. You can also order a money plant in our Happy Teacher’s Day mug.

Send Plant Gifts To Your Loved Ones in Saudi Arabia On Special Occasions

Are you in search of indoor plants online to gift your friends and family on special occasions? FNP has an online plants shop in Saudi Arabia that offers a wide variety of indoor, outdoor, air-purifying, and flowering plants online and delivers them across the nation. The plants come separately and in combo with other gifts like cakes, chocolates, hampers, and personalised gifts. The multiple physical and mental benefits of plants make them the best kind of gifts for your loved ones. On any occasion like a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day or Father’s Day - you can order plants online from FNP plants store. With our same-day delivery service, you can avail hassle-free plants delivery in Saudi Arabia. Along with indoor and outdoor plants such as Sansevieria, Jade plant, White Pothos, Lucky bamboo and cactus, you can find other exciting gifts for your dear ones and send in Saudi Arabia to show how much you care for them. So, whether you are in search of graduation or anniversary gifts , our ornamental plants with cakes, chocolates or mugs will make anyone overjoyed. They’ll truly appreciate such a thoughtful gesture and thank you for making their special occasion memorable. When you buy plants online in Riyadh, Mecca, Medina or anywhere in Saudi Arabia from our website, you can find them at the doorstep of your loved ones on time without fail. With FNP, happiness can now be sent in more ways than imagined!

Avail Same Day Plant Delivery from the Best Online Plant Shop in Saudi Arabia

Plants and flowers are so simple yet great. They reduce anxiety, give out a soothing and pleasant effect, make us happier and liven up any space. And these are some of the many reasons that people today prefer to give plants and flowers. Express your emotions in the most beautiful manner possible by choosing from our large collection of floral bouquets, plants and a basket of colourful blooms available at our plants store. Take your pick from the gorgeous arrangements such as a purple orchid in a glass vase, pink roses in a box, red Anthurium in a jute-wrapped potted plant and Ficus Bonsai in a ceramic pot. When you buy plants online Riyadh or anywhere in the country from our website, you can expect a fast and effortless delivery service. If you have forgotten a special day, you can wish them by availing of our quick same-day delivery of gifts. FNP is the number one online plant shop in Saudi Arabia that boasts of quality and on-time delivery of almost all products. Besides, with our swift and efficient same-day delivery services on plants in Riyadh, Mecca or all across Saudi Arabia, you can always be a part of any celebrations, even if you remembered them last minute. Also, given the tough times, we are taking all the precautionary measures when delivering. You can also get various other special delivery services like midnight delivery and one-hour delivery from our online plants shop. So be rest assured and order from our ‘plant gifts’ section today & get them delivered within a handful of hours.