Pink Roses Round Box Chocolates Arrangement

Pink Roses Round Box Chocolates Arrangement

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Brand : FNP


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No Address, No Worries

No Address, No Worries

8 Million Customers Worldwide

8 Million Customers Worldwide

4 Hours Delivery

4 Hours Delivery

Product Details

  • 25 pink roses
  • Rocher chocolates - 16 pieces
  • Beautifully wrapped

How to Care

  • When roses arrive, trim their stems and add water.
  • Cut the ends of the stems 1-2 inches long at a 45 degree angle.
  • Use a clean vase and clean water.< /li>
  • Remove leaves that are below the surface of the water, but do not remove all the leaves along the stem.
  • Check the water level daily and replenish as needed.
  • Do not water the roses. In direct sunlight or near any source of excessive heat.
  • All roses benefit from a daily sprinkle of water.
  • Enjoy your roses!

Delivery Instructions

  • One of our promises to you is that your flowers will be guaranteed in freshness.
  • To ensure your flowers will be only the finest and freshest stems for as long as possible, some stems may arrive in bud. This is to further protect the flowers while in transit, but to also allow the flowers to last even longer. From our experience, watching the flowers burst into full bloom in the days following the delivery is part of the magic.
  • We make every effort to ensure that the flower bouquet or arrangement you receive resembles the flowers ordered as closely as possible.
  • We promise delivery of your order in the time slot selected however in very rare cases where the situation is beyond our control this might not met and you will be notified about this in advance.

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